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The Luxe~ Large Round Brass Ring In Hessonite Garnet or Pink Peruvian Opal + gold leaf flake


Adjustable raw brass ring with layers of resin + crushed gemstones.  


Each piece is one of a kind.  The settling of the gems and flakes are unique in each ring and only add to the beauty of the handmade piece. 


Pink Opal : Distinguished by its smoothness and milky hue, Pink opal is considered to be a very feminine stone. It is believed to be the perfect stone for those looking to heal the heart. Pink Opal has a calming and soothing effect on the emotional body.


Hessonite Garnet:  It is often called the “Cinnamon Stone”. Hessonite has been known for centuries as a talisman for prosperity, good health and happiness. It enhances creativity, self-expression and allows those who feel inferior to be more confident. 


The Luxe~ Large Round Ring in Pink Opal or Hessonite Garnet

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