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Camille Kohler is the sole artist and maker of cameoko jewelry that is a resin jewelry line that combines resin with crushed gemstones, metallic flakes, pigments for color and more.  The line is whimsical, unique and always evolving. 

Camille spent time living in GA, NJ and MN as a child and attended the University of MN for two years (go gophers!) before transferring to the University of GA and earning a BFA in Photography (UGA 2001).  After a career path in Photography for a number of years, as well as time spent in the fine jewelry world, jewelry design became more of a passion when she found herself at home with a newborn baby, away from the corporate world and a desire to create with her hands.  cameoko started in 2008 and has primarily sold at craft shows in the southeast and small boutiques.  Camille has her own home studio in Atlanta, Ga.  She has two young elementary aged girls and an artist and photographer husband of over ten years who are her inspiration.  She works with resin full time and in her spare time is interested in creating art with her young girls and traveling. 


cameoko jewelry is made from resin (a 2 part epoxy mixture), crushed gems such as amethyst, lapis, mother of pearl, metallic gold, copper and silver leaf flakes, pigments for color, and more.  cameoko uses sterling silver, surgical steel, brass, and 14kt gold filled components. 


Resin jewelry can be cleaned with natural oils and left to dry completely before wearing.  Resin should not be submersed in water, showered with or taken swimming. 

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