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Beautiful gemstone confetti necklaces feature lovely combinations of gemstones, gold leaf flake, red leaf flake or blue leaf flake.  You choose up to four stones and one flake from the gems listed below.  Please allow us some time to create these custom handmade beauties!  If you're interested in a stone not listed below, please contact us to see if we can source it for you! 


Chain is 18" gold plated.  Bezel is 24k gold plated, is an open style frame and measures 13mm, 18mm with bail. 


First pic shows chrysocolla, green opal + gold leaf flake

Second pic shows blue coral, red coral, howlite + red leaf flake

Third pic shows amethyst, malachite, mother of pearl + gold leaf flake


Mother of Pearl- calming

Chrysocolla- communication

Green Opal- strength

Amethyst- protection

Garnet- healing

Jasper- grounding

Kyanite- psychic abilities

Lapis- awareness

Malachite- confidence

Sodalite- insight

Turquoise- truth

Howlite- letting go of attachments

Red Coral- harmony

Blue Coral- stabilizing


Gem Confetti Round Resin Necklaces- Choose your Gemstones

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